After finishing my Media Studies degree, I started out professionally working mainly as an outdoors cameraman for a local TV news company. I learned how to work quickly and efficiently with only the light conditions available on location.

I soon developed a keen interest in how to work with light, camera movement and framing, and from there decided to specialise in cinematography at ESCAC (Escuela Superior de Cine y Audiovisuales de Catalunya).

For me, the interplay between light and shadow are the essence of the image, and the contrast between these elements is fundamental in creating a beautiful frame.

I also believe that each project has its own voice. As a cinematographer, I try to listen carefully to find the right visual style for the project according to what the director has in mind for the story. Through my career I’ve worked on different genres such as commercials, documentary, narrative and promo videos and like incorporating my style within each production.

I live in Barcelona but I'm available to work anywhere. I'm always looking for directors and production companies to work with.

Write me at perezhernandezalex@gmail.com

Let's stalk each other: @alexperez_dp

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